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Cloud Solutions

NEVTEC cloud solutions are available to improve service availability and lower costs. The savings from cloud solutions allow the company to focus on more important business aspects rather than being committed to providing your own solutions. Cloud solutions reduce maintenance fees, overall energy costs, and have no additional hardware costs for upgrades in the future. All solutions are made available whether being accessed at the business or working remotely from home. Data security and backup solutions are taken care in the case of a natural disaster or hacking. NEVTEC offers a few different cloud solutions, cloud backups, hosted email, and a firewall monitoring solution.

Nevtec Data Protection

NEVTEC implements a cloud backup solution perfect for any size business. Your data is securely backed up to the cloud to avoid issues of catastrophic server failure and natural disasters. To optimize bandwidth usage, the backup solution supports continuous or scheduled backup modes.

Cloud Email

Our cloud email solutions will ensure you have the speed and dependability while only paying for what you need. With no hardware, maintenance, or licensing costs hosted solutions have become a cost sensible solution.

NFMS (Nevtec Firewall Management Service)

Nevtec offers remote management and monitoring of your SonicWall firewall. We can monitor the status of your unit in real-time and supply firmware updates, as they are released.  Unlimited configuration changes are also provided at no additional cost.

  • Firewall Monitoring
  • Firmware Updates
  • Configuration Changes
  • ISP Management (Optional)